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Paintings Inspired by Nature

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I have been painting Nature all my working life.  My subjects are wild creatures and their landscapes.  Over my lifetime, the development of photography and film have altered the purpose of wildlife painting.  People used to rely on the artist to know what things look like.  That is no longer so.  I use skills of painting, drawing and composition to say something unique to painting about my subject matter and its relationship with humans.

The human desire for knowledge can make us blind to treasure all around us.  Rarely do we simply meditate on the beauty of the natural world into which we are born.  I prod and probe and paint, hoping to reflect something of its complexity, looking for a glimpse of Eden.



Hares and skylarks square, square picture, square series, watercolour and charcoal on paper, 26 x 26 ins. Exhibited Royal Scottish Watercolour Society 2010, Royal Scottish Academy, 2010. Private collection..png


Jonathan works in a number of mediums. He uses watercolour by itself and in combination with charcoal. He paints in oil, using oil-glaze on tempera, a technique used by the Old Masters, where he builds up layers of tempera and glaze allowing light to shine from within the paint surface.

Grey partridge square, square picture, square series, watercolour and charcoal on paper, 20 x 20 ins Private collection..png


Jonathan works in several media to make hand-drawn prints, created in small limited editions:

Stone lithographs, metal-plate lithographs, etchings on zinc and etchings on copper

To the resulting prints he may add watercolour, creating unique images within the edition.

Apples and starlings - Oil - 34 x 36 ins - Part of the Square Series, based on a poem by Laurie Lee called 'Apples', exhibitied at 'Birds in Art' at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum. Private collection..png


Jonathan's exquisite paintings are reproduced and published in Limited Editions as folded blank greetings cards and postcards, supplied with matching envelopes.



Jonathan has contributed to and published, a number of books and are available for purchase and can be personalised by the Artist with a message or signature, to make a unique gift.