Paintings Inspired by Nature

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Starlings and Brambles, oil, 28 x 42 ins, private collection ©Jonathan Sainsbury










Jonathan Sainsbury is a long-established
British wildlife artist: an artist first and foremost, whose subject happens to be the natural world.  

Jonathan has spent a lifetime observing and drawing his subjects.  He is master of the fleeting moment, often using the mediums of watercolour, or watercolour combined with charcoal, to convey immediacy, a sense of movement and atmosphere.

He recognises that photography and film have altered wildlife painting, that art has to contribute in its own language. Jonathan is not simply recording nature, but making pictures, through composition, choice of subject and skillful use of medium.

In much of his work he draws on nature as a metaphor to say something about life itself. 
As he says: “The human desire for knowledge forever drives us to ask questions.  Rarely do we simply meditate on the beauty of the natural world into which we are mortally bound.  Adam and Eve, in the Biblical story, fell from the Garden of Eden because they ate from the Tree of Knowledge.  
I prod and probe and paint, hoping to reflect something of its complexity and beauty, looking for a glimpse of Eden.”