Paintings Inspired by Nature

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Starlings and Brambles, oil, 28 x 42 ins, private collection ©Jonathan Sainsbury










Welcome to my website. 

I have been painting Nature all my working life.  My subjects are wild creatures and their landscapes.  Even over my lifetime, the development of photography and film have altered the purpose of wildlife painting.  People used to rely on the artist to know what things look like.   That is no longer so.  I have tried to follow a path where skills of painting, drawing and composition can say something unique about both the subject matter and its relationship with humans.

The human desire for knowledge and action can make us blind to treasure all around us.  Rarely do we simply meditate on the beauty of the natural world into which we are born.  I prod and probe and paint, hoping to reflect something of its complexity and beauty, looking for a glimpse of Eden.