Three of Jonathan’s paintings in ‘Wildlife Treasures’

Crested tit, watercolour & charcoal, Jonathan Sainsbury

  Crested tit – 9 x 12 ins – watercolour & charcoal £600

Wildlife Treasure is an exhibition of sculptures and two-dimensional works at the Nature in Art Museum, at Wallsworth Hall, Sandhurst, Gloucester. This is the first time the Society of Animal Artists, USA is holding a Members’ exhibition in Britain.  Artists from North America and around the world are participating.    Every2-D entry is identical in size, 12 x 9 inches or 9 x 12 inches.

Long-tailed tits, alder catkins, watercolour, charcoal, Jonathan Sainsbury

Long-tailed tits, 12 x 9 ins, watercolour & charcoal £600

Jonathan Sainsbury is an elected member of the Society of Animal Artists and has frequently exhibited in the Annual Exhibition, held each year in America.  Jonathan’s three entries are of a Crested tit in Scots pine, Ptarmigan in a snowy, rocky landscape, and Long-tailed tits with alder catkins.

Camouflage, ptarmigan, snow, rocks, lichen, watercolour & charcoal, Jonathan Sainsbury

Camouflage – Ptarmigan – 9 x 12 ins, watercolour & charcoal, Jonathan Sainsbury £600

‘Wildlife Treasures’ opens on July 25th and closes on September 3rd.   Works are for sale.




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