This page contains selections of work, grouped by themes and subject-matter, already in private or public collections.  Different mediums are shown alongside each other, including oils, watercolours and charcoals.

To see work for sale, there is an area dedicated to Pictures for Sale, within the On-line Gallery.

Branch paintings

Paintings of branches in public and private collections world-wide

Square Series

Square Series paintings in public and private collections

Environmental paintings

Paintings about the environment and conservation in private collections world-wide


Watercolour miniatures in private collections worldwide

Creatures in Landscapes

Paintings of wildlife subjects in landscape or inscape in private or public collections


Paintings in private collections that illustrate

British trees and creatures

Series of watercolours showing British trees, insects and birds, on deckle-edge paper, box-mounted, in private collections


Paintings in private collections illustrating or inspired by poems


Paintings of hens in private collections