'Starlings and Brambles'


November 11th 2015 Edition displayed a double-page spread illustration of Jonathan’s painting ‘Starlings and Brambles’ on pages 56-7, illustrating an article on Starlings, titled ‘Thickening, deepening and blackening’.

Jonathan Sainsbury, Starlings and Brambles

Jonathan Sainsbury, Starlings and Brambles

Starlings and Brambles, oil, 28 x 42 ins, private collection, ©Jonathan Sainsbury

The picture, ‘Starlings and Brambles’, by Jonathan, was sold to Mr John Romans, then of Morar, Inverness-shire, later of Exbourne, mid-Devon.  John Romans, and his wife, Joanna, both died and the current whereabouts of the picture is not known to Jonathan.  He would be grateful for information either about the picture or about John Romans’ family, to enable him to get in touch.