Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge talking with Jonathan Sainsbury The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, in their capacity as Earl and Countess of Strathearn, visited Strathearn in rural Perthshire, Scotland.  Jonathan Sainsbury met the couple and talked about his paintings at an exhibition in Forteviot Village Hall on Thursday 29th May 2014.

Jonathan explains.  'Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge said they liked my oil painting 'Spring Pheasants Diary'.  The Duchess asked if I only painted birds and I said I also did mammals, landscape, everything related to nature. Prince William commented on the size - the picture is 39 inches high by 48 inches wide - and said 'The detail is amazing!'  I said the art lay in getting a balance between illustration and impression and in translating a three dimensional world into two dimensions.'

In the background of the photograph, two paintings are visible: the oil, 'Spring Pheasants Diary'39 x 48 ins and the watercolour and charcoal, 'Ravens Square', 28 x 28 ins, shown below.


Spring Pheasants Diary - oil 39 x 48 ins

Detail of Spring Pheasants Diary


Ravens Square - watercolour and charcoal - 28 x 28 ins, £3,950

Both these images and their details can be found here: Square Series.  For enquiries email info@jonathansainsbury.com