Art workshop by Jonathan Sainsbury

Jonathan Sainsbury painting in St Serf's Church, Comrie
Jonathan Sainsbury demonstrates drawing and painting in watercolour at a workshop at St Serf's Church, Comrie
"I chose a piece of raspberry that was growing in the wildflower meadow behind the church for my demonstration piece.  There was a mature, fruiting branch with a few leaves that were beginning to curl at the edge and a curve on the branch that had potential to create the central shape in the painting.  I drew that first as a tiny sketch in pencil, placing  a blackbird on it, eating the fruit. Behind that, I introduced a new shoot, a different green, growing straight, which is the growth and the fruiting for next year.  It's a 'circle of life' picture.
On the day I used the tiny pencil sketch to demonstrate drawing with charcoal on to watercolour paper, then adding watercolour to the image.  
Lots of people came to the day and enjoyed finding inspiration in the meadow, then working out their ideas in paint and charcoal and pastel inside.  
The picture will be auctioned in the near future to raise funds."